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Since I’ve been on my “writing my book kick”, I have been researching different ways of promoting books, e-books, etc. Fact of the matter is, this Blogger Chick tweets nonstop tips and advice on how to promote yourself, your book, your business, etc. I am always interested to click links from her when they pop up in my timeline. They are alway informative! It’s no wonder why she is the proud mama of over 21,000 followers on Twitter. Clearly, her word is bond!

Stephanie Chandler is the author of several books including Booked Up! How to Write, Publish, and Promote a Book to Grow Your Business, LEAP! 101 Ways to Grow Your Business, From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur: Make Money with Books, eBooks and Information Products, and The Author’s Guide to Building an Online Platform: Leveraging the Internet to Sell More Books. Stephanie is also founder and CEO of Authority Publishing, which specializes in custom publishing for non-fiction books, and, a directory of resources for entrepreneurs.

Extended Bio (From her website):

Extended Bio:

Stephanie Chandler spent a decade in the fast-paced Silicon Valley in various roles including software sales, technical training, and technical support. When she developed an ulcer before her 30th birthday, she knew it was time for a complete lifestyle change.

Chandler fled corporate America in 2003 and opened a bookstore in Sacramento, CA (she sold the store in 2007). In the process of starting the business, she discovered a new passion: helping aspiring entrepreneurs find the same freedom that she did. In response, she launched, a directory of resources for entrepreneurs and began writing books about small business marketing.

Chandler is founder and CEO of Stephanie Chandler Enterprises, LLC, the parent company to Authority Publishing, a custom book publisher specializing in non-fiction books.

Writing Ambitions

Yes, I know, I haven’t blogged in a few days. The truth is, no, its not because I’m still engulfed in the holiday break but because I’ve been nestled in my notebook! That’s right! I’ve been working on my book. I’m looking to get it to all of my blogger girls by spring, so pleeeease bare with me🙂 I’m working hard, daily, hourly, and even by the minute to give you something that’s inspiring, as well as entertaining. Again, I’m not going to spoil you rotten, until we get closer to publishing!

By NO means am I done promoting my blogger chicks! I am hard at work coming up with fresh ideas for the blog as well.

You can say that I am in a place of creative recharge.

Blogger Chick

The Culture-ist

“Our goal is to report on the aspects of culture that truly matter, and the irony, humor and hope that come with the territory.”



I woke up early this morning to find that my latest, greatest follower on Twitter is a Huffington Post blogger. Meet Maria Russo, editor and co-founder of The Culture-ist,an online magazine “for people who are passionate about being active members of a global society. Our mission is to spread the word about the good works done by those who connect and respect the diverse cultures of the world, uncover the beauty and mystery of foreign lands, and tackle the issues which sever the ties of our global community.”

The Culture-ist features Russo’s travels and news from the USA to South Asia to West Africa. She also focusses on political news, businesses, art, going green, and everybody’s favorite, food! Working as a freelance writer for big names such as MTV and Warner Brothers, she is definitely what most bloggers inspire to be. Her work has run on the Huffington Post,,, A Luxury Travel Blog, and The Expeditioner Online Travel Magazine.

Exploring the world and bringing back the goods, Maria Russo is making The Culture-ist the go-to guide for the young, smart, and hip on travel and world news.

Excerpt from The Culture-ist:

The Best Luxury Eco Resorts Around The World


Interview With The-Bel

 I did an interview with The-Bel’s Vanesa Susanto. In case you haven’t heard, The-Bel is a Sydney based fashion blog and clothing and accessory store, named Simply Bel. As you will see from her LookBook, as well as her daily postings on the blog, Vanesa’s got mad style! Check the interview below to learn about The-Bel, her goals for it, and it became what it is:

 Zara Boxy Jacket, Mango Silk Print Playsuit 1620949_mango%20red%20coat

What is “The Bel”?

Belle means beautiful in French so we just decided The-Bel as in ‘the beauty’ because everyone is beautiful and fashion should enhance their beauty even more.
What inspired you to start The Bel?

We love fashion so much if we can breathe fashion instead of oxygen, we’ll happily trade for it. We just love it and we want to share its beauty even more. Where do you continue to draw inspiration for your posts? First, we have so many kind-hearted e-friends that have their own stores or brands and we are here to get to know them and promote them to our readers. Then, we also get inspired by the what’s happening lately in fashion. We want to make The-Bel as the one stop for all fashion lover for fashion news, new brands or stores, street styles and trends.
When was The Bel born?

The-Bel is just 6 months old this Dec🙂 Where was it born? We are proud to be Sydney-siders. And which came first, the shop or the blog? Actually, they come together! We want the blog to push The-Bel name in fashion so we can sell Simplybel by The-Bel and we want people to know our shop so they will read our blog. It’s kind of one for all, all for one.
What is the inspiration behind the “Simply Bel” collection?

We want fashion to be simple. Fashion doesn’t have to be hard on your pocket as well. So, Simplybel by The-Bel is for affordable on trend fashion – easy on the eye, easy on your wallet as well.
I see that you have a “street style” segment on your site. What city do most of the shots derive from?

We have most of the pictures from streets of Sydney.
How has social media positively affected the growth of your business?How do you use social media in terms of promoting and marketing your business? Which social media source has proven to draw the most followers/readers for your blog?

Social media can be said as the number one force behind The-Bel. We are too grateful for all the responses from our friends online through social media. Their support is everything to us.
What do you hope to accomplish with The Bel in the future? Where do you see yourself, with The Bel in 5 years?

We really want The-Bel to grow really famous, of course! and maybe we can get bigger collections for Simplybel by The-Bel as well as adding some more lines (like our coming soon menswear collection!)🙂
Are you involved in any other fashion based business ventures?

If I could include making myself known in fashion through etc as other fashion based business ventures, then yes we are. With fame comes favor right?





Guest Blogger: Chelsea from Haute Child in the City

“I have always had a passion for fashion, beauty, home décor, and pretty much all things shiny and sparkly and my blog, Haute Child in the City, has provided an outlet for those things.  I am incredibly lucky to be married to an amazing man, who is not only my best friend, but partner in crime and love of my life.  We are expecting our first child in January and could not be more thrilled… I love to travel, try new restaurants, and spend time with my friends and family.  In my free time you can find me at the nearest Nordstrom or Starbucks.”

Chelsea was featured on Blogger Chicks for our People’s Choice: Favorite Fashion Bloggers Post (her picks: Cupcakes and Cashmere, I Am Styl-ish, and Pretty Shiny Sparkly). Chelsea hails from Raleigh, North Carolina and in addition to blogging, she is a fashion/beauty contributor for professional development group, NEXT for Women.

 Here is her post:

When I learned of my pregnancy, I found myself in unchartered fashion territory.  The mere thought of losing my beloved wardrobe of clothes that I had so painstakingly hand-selected and built over the years with the person foundation pieces and trendy accents was anxiety-attack inducing.  The truth that no one likes to discuss is that maternity fashion, for the most part, is bleak.  There are few designers that don’t fall to the stand-by empire waist pregnancy norm and the ones that don’t are typically in a higher price bracket.  In order to navigate these tricky waters, I dove right into reading multiple books, but mostly sought out example as the best teacher.  And by example, I mean Hollywood.  Hollywood pregnant is really the way to go-chic, glamorous, and effortless put-together.  Both research and Hollywood moms such as Victoria Beckham, and Rachel Zoe, provided a treasure trove of advice, guidance, and knowledge, whether they knew it or not, that all could be summarized quite simply as ‘embrace the bump’.

The foundation to dressing for pregnancy is embracing the bump.  All too many women fall into the trap of the tent-like attire that many maternity stores sell en mass.  Embracing your new found curves and owning them will actually make you seem less large and your new found confidence in your body will help you glow inside and out.

Invest in the basics: Early on in my pregnancy I invested in several pieces that have been great staples to build upon my current wardrobe.  The key to pregnancy fashion is to find versatile basics that you can wear throughout your pregnancy and constantly re-invent with accessories.  Also, sticking to simple, classic colors, especially black, will help give you the slimming look that you so desperately want throughout your pregnancy.  Early on I invested in several Bella Bands.  These modern day miracles help to extend the life of your favorite pair of pants or jeans without having to zip/button them and help to create smooth lines.  Even now that I’m into my third trimester I use them on occasion for pants that I couldn’t quite part with.  Maternity tanks, short, and long sleeved tees are great foundations pieces that I have been able to use throughout my pregnancy to extend my non-maternity clothing, layer, or just wear on their own.  My personal favorite is the Pure Body line from Gap Maternity.  Lastly, after the Bella Band just isn’t cutting it for you, a great pair of designer maternity jeans is a must.  Typically a boot cut is a flattering style on any body type and is definitely a classic.  I sought out A Pea in the Pod’s amazing selection of designer jeans (a lot of which do go on sale frequently) and ended up with several pair of Joe’s Jeans, my tried and true favorite even outside of maternity.

Wear Heels: I understand and fully acknowledge that not everyone can wear stilettos with such loyalty and devotion as I do; however, wearing some sort of heel will help elongate your silhouette and combat the feeling that you are continuously growing out, but not up to compensate for that outward growth.  If 4 inch platform pumps aren’t in your wheel house, there are some great alternatives out there that will accomplish a similar look; specifically wedges, which provide the height but with more stability than stilettos, or kitten heels, which are a great classic and the shorter sister to the stiletto.  I will advise that you get what you pay for in heels, so since you will be wearing these frequently, try not to purchase inexpensive heels with little padding or support.  You will find that the less comfortable they are, the less you will be inclined to wear them.  Head to your local Nordstrom and solicit the help of one of their amazingly helpful associates in the shoe department. 

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize: Accessories in pregnancy can come in a variety of different items.  Those basics that I invested in early on in my pregnancy, I’ve spent the rest of my pregnancy re-working my outfits to create as much variety in my closet as possible.  Blazers are a great and easy way to re-work the basics and come up with new combinations of outfits.  For a foundation accessory piece, a boyfriend blazer is a fantastic option.  I wouldn’t recommend purchasing blazers specific to maternity.  I have purchased several since I’ve been pregnant in my normal size and leave them unbuttoned.  That way I can still purchase pieces that I love and can stay in my closet long after the baby is born.  In addition to blazers and open sweaters, I have utilized a lot of belts (the more colorful, the better), statement jewelry pieces, scarves, and patterned/colored tights to add dimension to my wardrobe.

And what would any good recommendation list be without my recommendations of don’ts. 

  • Avoid sweat pants:  Every day is a battle to get out of bed and not put on a pair of yoga or sweat pants.  If you spend a little time to get dressed in the mornings, I promise you will feel better.
  • Lycra: I would only avoid this in the first trimester when you aren’t exactly showing.  Lycra isn’t the most flattering during that time, but once you gain the full-on bump, Lycra is a great way to give you shape.  Look for something that smoothes your lines.
  • Sneakers: Unless you are working it out, sneakers have no place in your wardrobe during pregnancy.
  • Hems below the knee: Similarly to the theory about wearing heels to elongate your silhouette, hems above the knee help combat the stoutness that one might feel during pregnancy. 
  • Shopping Recommendations:
    • Basics: Gap Maternity
    • Unique/Special Pieces: Asos Maternity, Isabelle Oliver Maternity
    • Everyday wear: Ann Taylor Loft
    • Maternity Jeans: A Pea in the Pod
    • Accessories: JCrew
    • Shoes: Nordstrom

Statement Jewelry: Kendra Scott, Kenneth Jay Lane

So, I’m Writing a Book…Or Better Yet, Books


I love covering blogger chicks daily and writing about women that are doing their thing, but with a crowded world of reality shows and my favorite fictional tv shows coming to an end, I’m desperate for some fiction in my life. My own reality is great, being a wifey and a mommy, little sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, grand-daughter, niece, blogger, and the list could go on, really. Life is really good…My reality is in dire need for some imaginative thoughts and refreshment.

My goal is to push out my first book by the spring(here’s to hoping…) I don’t want to give away too much, or much of any really, because I don’t want to spoil the fun for you and me. My goal is also to create something exciting for my readers to read when there’s nothing worth watching on tv, when they are on a 4 hour plane ride, or at home on a boring Saturday night. I am still putting the story and characters in place, but I can guarantee you that it will feed your need for something new, and entertaining.

I’m going to make regular updates as I am creating. Stay tuned!

A Beautiful Mess

“I’m Elsie Larson, a 28 year old designer and boutique owner. I co-founded Red Velvet almost ten years ago with my sister and best friend…A Beautiful Mess is a Style blog that focuses on creating a beautiful life. My goal is to promote an inspired lifestyle through fashion, handmade and pretty things. I believe in making everyday life special, so that’s what I try to inspire through handmade projects, fashion tutorials, hairstyling tips, recipes and more. I love teaching projects that make life a little bit sweeter!”

Elsie larson

A Beautiful Mess is written by cool chick, Elsie Larson, owner of Red Velvet Boutique and lifestyle blogger. This charming blog offers the best from the best on recipes, beauty, diy projects, interiors, and style! Being a thrifter and a boutique owner, Elsie’s look is very original. Her “current obsessions” are listed on her blog as beehives(the hair do), photo books, pumpkin pie milkshakes, the show Mad Men, and raspberry mint smoothies. She has a power team that helps create the magic behind A Beautiful Mess. And get this, they are ALL bloggers! You have Emma Chapman, who is the yummy recipe editor and owner of the Food Coma blog (and creator of the pumpkin pie milkshake that Elsie craves), Rachel Denbow, the decor editor and blogger behind Smile and Wave, Skunkboy Creatures blogger, Katie Shelton as the beauty editor, Kinsey Mhire of Sincerely, Kinsey and Amanda Keith of Indie Jane are the DIY contributors.

Elsie Larson’s midwestern charm makes A Beautiful Mess a delightful read for all of us girls that love all things girly, pretty, and unique. She also offers her faithful readers E-Courses to teach the goods on blogging, decorating, dressing, and starting a creative business. With a fast growing Twitter following of over 20,000, Larson is definitely one of the most loved amongst the lifestyle bloggers.

See the elements of A Beautiful Mess here:


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