Material Girls Blog

Design Inspiration from Coast to Coast

¬†“…a one-of-a-kind interior design blog that features tips and advice from real designers on the latest trends and fashions for the home, topped with a sprinkle of pop culture.”



¬†Material Girls is actually one of the first interior design blogs that I’ve run across and I’ve finally decided to write a piece on these fabulous gals! I was amazed at their blog when I first saw it because it was right around the time that I was decorating my own home, and when my family and I was remodeling a townhouse in downtown Houston. Their interior design posts really inspired me! Calling themselves Material Girls because of their passion for fabrics, the girls bring us interior design ideas, tips, and what’s hot for our homes!

They blog from five major cities, (which happen to include my favorite cities in the US) Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York.

They have a feature on the blog called Furniture Friday, in which different furniture pieces (like armoires, coffee tables, headboard, etc.) are posted on the last day of the work week. Posts from the Material Girls include decked out living rooms, swanky kitchens, and even cute, personalized ideas for nurseries. With a hint of fashion and parties, Material Girls is complete with what every lady loves.

This blog is great for when you get the urge to redecorate your house, revamp your office, or if you’re moving. They have awesome ideas and points of views hailing from coast to coast.

I loved this Office Makeover post! Very inspirational to me for redecorating my own office!

Here are a few of my favorite photo posts from them:

Hollywood Residence eclectic living room